Sunday, September 30, 2007

Art Challenge- Week #5

For this week I would like you to use something from your week right onto your card.
If you went to a concert, maybe the ticket stub or a piece of the playbill. Perhaps you ride the bus, you could use part of your bus token. Did you do some shopping? Maybe use the receipt. You get the idea.Today I facilitated Mother Blessing ceremony for a repeat doula client so I chose to put the bracelet that the mother ties on the wrists of all of the guests who were invited to 'bless her way' into motherhood. The premise is that every time your attention is drawn to the bracelet during your everyday activities, you are to send positive thoughts to the mother to be for a safe, happy, healthy delivery. Once the baby is born and the cord is cut the you are to 'cut the cord' from your wrist signifying that all is well for that mom and baby.
Can't wait to see what kind of week you all have! Have fun!


Mick-Mick said...

here is my card

Sisibear said...

hey auntie monica!
this is my card!
it's not the greatest but I did the best I could

mavis said...

Please check mine out here:

Shannon Wyman said...

A little behind, but here is a link to my cards for weeks 4 & 5!

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