Saturday, September 15, 2007

Creative Art Journal Week #3

The prompt for this week is 'i am'. Make an 'i am' statement for yourself - whatever it may be!
Here is my take on this week's challenge. "I am still learning."
I've realized the older I get, the more I still have to learn. It's an interesting,fun and satisfying adventure seeking out new truths!
Even in the creation of this card I "learned" that rub ons DO NOT adhere to wet ink!!!

Have fun creating and have a beautiful week!!!


Shannon Wyman said...

I did it Monica! And I got caught up on week two as well... yay!
Check it out:

Adriann said...

Beautiful card Monica!

Adriann said...

I am.

Becca said...

hey there... these are great so far. mine is up on my blog too!!

WendyG said...

this is beautiful dd did her card for this week but I am behind schedule

Sisibear said...

this is my card..

Mick-Mick said...

here's my card

WendyG said...

Here's our week 3 cards:



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