Monday, November 19, 2007

Art Journal Challenge- Week #12

For this week the challenge is your initial... the letter that stands for you, for your name.
On the front of the card it says: I am called Monica Mercedes Miles, Moon, Monie. Mom. Moonica and Mumica.
I have always thought that my name would be great for a children's book because of all of the 'M's"!! I was born Monica Mercedes Miles born in Minneapollis, Minnesota!!! Too bad I didn't find a guy with 'M' for a last name!!

Have a great week and please post your cards!!!I love to see how creative you all are!


Adriann said...

This one is fun! Can't wait to do it. I've completed 11, I just need to post it.

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I did enjoy mine. Thank you! There are a lot of November babies out there isn't it...

I love good mail days and will be on the look out for my RAK.

Have a blessed week! It's Thankgiving tomorrow for us here in the states.

Dee said...

Hi everyone. I have FINALLY posted my cards and I'm all caught up! Please go to my blog and check them out!

Mick-Mick said...
here's my card!

Mick-Mick said...

Phenomenal per usual. Mine are all posted.

TanishaRenee said...

I love how this turned out Monica! Great ides!

Sisibear said...


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