Monday, December 10, 2007

Creative Art Journal Challenge Week #15

This week's prompt is your parents. We all have different relationships with our parents but they play the most imrtant role in who we are today.
I was blessed to have parents who were the perfect example of 'love'. They married young and raised seven children and both went on to have amazing careers. My mom is still a practicing psychologist.
Although I'm sure that things weren't always perfect - in the presence of their children they always presented a united front.
I know that my mom misses my dad with all of her heart and soul.
(The poem on the tag reads:
All paths lead to you, Wherever I stray. You are my evening star at the end of the day. All paths lead to you wherever I roam. You are the lark song calling me home.)


Adriann said...

This is a beautiful art journal! I love the poem that you used. Although my parent's story isn't as romantic as yours I can't wait to do this one. I've got my thinking cap on...

Adriann said...

Week 15


DMB said...

How beautiful. What a beautiful legacy to cherish.

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