Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Creative Art Journal Challenge Week #17

The prompt for this week is 'your bedroom' which is very fitting for me as I've been spending a lot of time there since Christmas trying to get over a cold and flu bug!!
I love my bedroom and I'm so blessed to have a husband who was able to create a dream room for me complete with a jetted tub, fireplace and flat screen TV! My bedroom is my safe haven; it's where I go to rest, to heal, to laugh, to cry, to sleep, to meditate but mostly, where I find peace.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!


Adriann said...

Love the new blog layout!! Happy New Year to you.

I will try to catch up soon and stay current until we finished.

Enjoy your week!

Adriann said...

Monica, this is soooo beautiful! I plan to post mine tonight.

Adriann said...

Here's 16 and 17:


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