Sunday, January 27, 2008

Creative Art Journal Challenge Week #21

This week's challenge is: your redeeming
qualities/qualities you aspire towards

What are my redeeming qualities? Well,I know that I am a caring, honest person that can be truly trusted with any secret.
One quality that I continue to strive for is to live my life "full of grace" I would like to try to affect the quality of everyday in some small way by my words and actions.
Please leave comments!!! I miss you all!


Mick-Mick said...

here are mom's cards all up to date except for this new card,
which by the way is really pretty!

Adriann said...

Hi there! I'm sorry...I've gone and got myself addicted to card making. I will get back up to date. This one is lovely... I'll try to do nature this week.


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