Monday, May 26, 2008

Top 10 Reasons to Knit Socks

Yes we all know that socks wear out quickly and yes we know that you can buy socks
BUT here are the Top 10 Reasons to Knit Socks according to

10. The yarn- so many beautiful yarns out there for socks with unbelievable color combos!
9. They are relatively quick to make!
8. They make great gifts! People LOVE socks!!
7. Socks is something everyone needs and will wear!
6. Knitting socks teaches you new techniques in knitting.
5. They are good TV knitting...they are a great combination of mindless and concentration knitting.
4. Handmade socks fit better than any other socks.. period.
3. If you screw up socks people aren't as likely to notice:)
2. They are warm and cozy!
1. They are portable... you can take your project anywhere!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Creative Art Journal Week #37

This week's prompt is 'draw something!'
I started with a face and came up with this semi self portrait! I showed it to my 20 month old grandson and asked him,"Who is this?" to which he immediately replied "Nana!"...and so it is!

Creative Art Journal Week #36

This week's prompt is 'life is beautiful.'
It really matter what crummy things are happening, there is always some magic or beauty to be found.
I did some layering with paper, stamps,ribbon and an overlay on the picture upon which I wrote " Even on my worst days, holding my 'boys' reminds me that life is truly beautiful!"

Creative Art Journal Week #35

This week's prompt is 'strength.'
as always, use any angle you like on this word/topic. some things to think about: what are your strengths, how do you gain strength, how do you help others to be strong, how strong do you think you are?
My verse says"Strength occurs when a woman is aware of her power and truly honors herself."
I painted my card with multi colored circles and then added rub ons. I finished it off by inking the edges.

Creative Art Journal Week #34

This week's prompt is 'funny, ha ha!'
Right now, what makes me laugh is the sweet,funny little things that my grand babies do that makes me laugh!
I'm showing you 2 images of this card as I made an fold out section for my photos.

Creative Art Journal Week #33

This week's prompt is 'quiet.'
This quote came to me while I was sitting on the beach in Martinique France.
"I crave quiet like the desert wants for rain because it is only in that silence that I can soothe my soul, regroup my thoughts and sharpen my senses by simply doing nothing."
I created this card on a piece of printed paper that had a map of the islands. I place a transparency over top that has some greenery on it.

Creative Art Journal Week #32

Finally I am posting these prompts! This week the theme is 'no regrets.'
As I was sitting pondering this theme, I came to realize that the universe has unfolded exactly as it should. As I sit here in my pyjamas, sipping on French lemonade, listening to the rain outside my craft room window, I realize right here, right now is exactly where I need to be.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Art Journal Prompts update

I am so behind on the art journal prompts and I sincerely apologize!!! I will be all caught up by the end of the week!!! I promise!
Meanwhile, check out the pic. That's where I was swimming this time last week....**sigh**

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No pics to share:(

Got back last night after 11 flights,5 countries and a car trip up the entire Eastern coast of the US. Had a great time in the islands, took over 300 photos....and then lost my camera.

We flew from St. Lucia to Atalnta, our plane taxied in the air for an hour so we missed our connecting flight home. Stayed over night in Atlanta, boarded our Delta flight and talk about the scariest thing of the engines failed(and everyone heard it) and we had to turn around and fly back to Atlanta to land.....people were crying and the stewardess was very tense and trucks were waiting for was the most frightening thing I've ever experienced...and so we decided that we would rent a car and drive to the path of the tornadoes...we were always about an hour ahead of the storms (but the weather was awful)and the emergency radio kept coming on telling us what to do in the event of a tornado!!!!!
So in perspective losing my camera isn't the worst thing but I'm sad to have lost this pics.

We had a wonderful time on our vacation though and it's nice to be home.My husband and daughter surprised me by renovating the back porch and my kitchen (repainted, new handles, new dishes, recycling center) so that was such a sweet surprise!!!

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