Thursday, July 10, 2008

I got my package today!!

I received my swap package today from the Granny Secret Swap on Ravelry
Thank you , thank you Jennifer! (PCBChick)!
It was chock full of yumminess.
Here is a list of what was enclosed:
•2 balls of Icelandic Jewels bulky Peridot yarn(so pretty!)
•Saltwater taffy from Florida (my all time favorite candy!)
•A sea shell, heart shaped jewel box with treasures inside(earrings and 2 bracelets and one of them has a flip flop on it!)
• 5 skeins of hand spun 100% wool(sock knitting here I come!)
• a really pretty floral blank note pad
• A Creative Knitting magazine, crochet pattern book and Mitch Album's "Five People You Meet In Heaven" paperback (which I have been wanting to read!)
• A canvas seashore themed book cover with a sea shell book mark
•Scrapbook embelishments(yippee!)
• sea shell coasters(very pretty!)
• a handmade crochet case full of essentials(scissors, measuring tape etc.
• row markers, buttons and yummy chocolates which I had to hide from my grandson!
•Smith's mintrose lip balm which smells good enough to eat!!
•a portable coffee cup (the kind you can put pictures in) and inside were packets of hot chocolate!!
• some hazlenut coffee flavoring (which I am sipping on right now in my java! Yummo!)
• some enhanced photos with Doulanana printed on them (very cool)
• and the most thoughtful thing of all, Jennifer's husband made my little dog Percy the nicest leash I've ever seen! How did he know that he needed a new one! Percy is presently chewing on the bone they sent as well!

What can I say but thank you so much! It really made my day when the postman arrived!!!

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