Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SOSL Challenge #2

The challenge this week was to go through your junk drawer, your desk drawer, where ever you keep stuff junk and make a page using "non-scrap supplies". You can use magazines, tags from clothes or objects, wrapping paper, office supplies, receipts, just anything that you wouldn't use to embellish a traditional page. AND we want to easily see at least 3 different non-scrap supplies on your page.
I just got home at midnight last night from a conference in Vancouver and I really wanted to use the pic I took of my flip flops covered in sand from English Bay so thanks for this challenge!
I literally grabbed 3 items out of our junk drawer and got to work!
My 3 items are:
#1 - Hair elastic
#2 bamboo skewer(trimmed to fit)
#3 some window screening
Underneath the window screening is 2 way tape covered in sand to keep the beachy feel of this layout.The skewer and the elastic are holding my pictures together.The stamp on the paper was made with a very old wooden Indian print stamp ...a treasure I bought at this awesome store on this trip.

1 comment:

candy said...

beautiful design! I really like that you use unusual things like hair elastic and bamboo sticks. What a cool idea!

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