Friday, August 8, 2008

SOSL Challenge #4

For this challenge you will need the BACK SIDE of a picture frame. You know the wood or cardboard backing that has the stand part so your picture frame will stand by itself? That is what we will be using. Doesn't matter what color it is because we will be covering the front and using it as your "canvas"! Don't worry, if you don't have a spare back side of a frame, you are allowed to use a 8x10 piece of chipboard, wood, corrugated cardboard, or whatever you can come up with that is sturdy and will essentially stand by itself!
Here are 2 pics of my dd and dil at their respective Mother Blessing ceremonies that I facilitated. I made this for my doula office.
For the background, I layered recycled phone book pages and painted them because my frame cardboard was really flimsy!
I used stickers as a mask and then peeled them away to reveal the title.For the journaling I used a stick fountain pen and India ink.
The journaling reads:
Trust Birth
Let go of fear.
Be present, Sing, Moan, Dance.
Feel deeply

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