Friday, September 19, 2008

Scrapbooking at Monica's Place 17th episode

Learn some great ideas on how to scrapbook using recycled items.


Anonymous said...

I loved the gratitude journal. I am going to pull out my cards and do one right now.
Also, it is an excellant way to use the cards others have given you in a more meaningful way when you keep the text and signing page legible.
Take care
Robin Lee-Williams at

Linda said...

I loved the video and learned a lot from it. Going to go digging thru my junk drawer and see what I can use.
Linda Peterson

Kathy H said...

Thanks for the great inspiration of the projects...

Ann said...

Great, fun ideas!

Julia said...

Wow I really enjoyed looking at all your ideas Monica. You have given me lots of food for thought. Thank you!

Júlia said...

hello... I always wanted to do a messy book, now i know how. So today I'm thankful for seeing your video and learned something beautifull.
I would love to win some of your "junk", here in Portugal we don't have scrapbook supplies, which is sooo boring. I have to make scrapbook with everyday materials. I pray for being one of the winners :)

with love, Sofia. (i'm just a begginer but if you want you can check my blog)

Júlia said...

Hi!!! thanks for the visit on my blog... and thanks for the comment, you are great!!
I'm sorry but i dont sell the rings, it was my idea on the first place but then i got too much work in the university that i didn't make them anymore... But i'm so happy you like them.

Kisses, bye bye!!! :)

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