Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Encourage and Inspire Award!!!

Encourage and Inspire
"You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins."
~Jim Stovall

I received this award from Adriann and it really made my day.
All you need to do is pick 6 or more people who inspire you on a daily basis and tell them THANK YOU!
And so I would like to honor the following for continuing to inspire me on a daily basis:
1. Milliande: She is a beautiful,talented artist who's spirit shines through and she is so generous in sharing her ideas with everyone.
2.Christine Urias : for her AMAZING scrapbook tutorials!!
3.Candy : A visit to her blog always inspires me and makes me smile!
4. Emily Falconbridge: She has been such an inspiration to me in so many ways that I can't even begin to mention!!I am following her again on her 52Q journey.
5.Kristina Werner: Her Make A Card Monday tutorials are simply amazing!!!
6.Suziblu: Last but most definitely not least! Suzi has inspired me and made me believe that I am an artist and I thank her for that!Her "Les Petites Dolls" workshop is amazing. Check her out on Youtube(suziblutube)


candy said...

awww! i'm honored!!! Thank you so much!


renee said...

Congrats on the award. I love your blog. I crochet also, so I will be checking out your yarny designs.

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