Monday, February 23, 2009

52Q 6

If I could do it all again would I change anything? Even though I truly believe that the universe unfolds as it should, I would have persued a career in medicine. I think I would've been a great healer.

52Q 5

How Do You Feel?
On this day my body was crying but I was not sad. I had to stop and actually do a 'body scan' and truly feel my (chronic) pain and then take action to relive it.

52Q 4

When I look in my eyes I see.... The lines from the song "I'm Here" from the Color Purple musical say it best.
"I see my eyes but they don't see as far now. They see more 'bout how things really are now."

52Q 3

Do I believe in fairies?
I absolutely 100% believe in fairies! We have a garden fairy in the hollow of an old tree in our backyard, If you leave her a letter at sunset, she will answer and christen you with your garden name. She makes my garden so magical.

52Q 2

Am I afraid of change?
My focus word for 2009 is Metamorphosis so I look forward to change and I'm anxious to see where this new challenge will bring me!

52 Q1

What are your wishes for 2009?
What's the dream? What's the way? Waht's in the way?
For me I would like to be in better shape, sleep better, love and be more loving, and to create,create, create!

52 Q journey!

Last year I followed Emily Falconbridge on her Art Journal prompts and this year she is doing 52 Q begins...a year of questions and answers.
I will post the prompts here on my blog so please follow along with me!I am doing mine on tags and joining them with a binder ring but you can choose to create them any way you desire!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scrapbooking At Monica's Place #20 Part ONE

Information about joining me for my online Soothing the Soul class.Also scrap booking on canvas and a tour of my srcap room.

Scrapbooking At Monica's Place #20 Part TWO

Great tutorial on scrapbooking on canvas.

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