Sunday, December 20, 2009

How To Make a Baby Rag Quilt

I searched high an low online on how to make a rag quilt so I thought I would post how I made mine. I have two new grandchildren due in 2010 so I thought I would make some last minute quilts for them and give it to their parents at Christmas.
Off I headed to my local sewing store and was I ever pleased to find out that flannel was on sale 2 meters for the price of one!!

For one rag quilt you will need:
I meter flannel in print (45" wide)
1 meter flannel in coordinating print (45" wide)
3/4 meter white diaper flannel (45 " wide)
rotary cutter and mat
metal ruler
cardstock to make template
The photos above coordinate with the steps in this tutorial.
1. Start by making a template out of cardstock. MIne was a 6 inch square. Use a rotary cutter to out 42 squares of each fabric and keep the metal ruler on the edge to ensure exact cuts.
2. It's a good idea to create a table with word processing program on your computer that measures 6 squares across and 7 down so that you can plan your color design.
3. I made the front and back exactly the same for ease but you can do whatever you wish. Each square goes like this: Place right side down on the table, place lining flannel on top then place wrong side on top creating a 'sandwich'.
4. Start sewing the squares together using a 7/8 " seam allowance, placing wrong sides together as these open seams are what creates the 'rag' part of the quilt. Sew around the outside leaving raw edges showing.
5.The wrong side will look the way you would think the right side should look.
6. Once all the squares and rows are sewn together, take a sharp pair of scissors and make little snips on every seam and all the way around the outside edge.
7. Wash and dry a couple of times, trimming any loose threads until the seams are really fuzzy.
8. The finished quilt should measure a little smaller than 36 x 42 inches oor about the size of the bottom of an average playpen.

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Shari said...

I really like your instructions! I've been trying to explain to my brother (who enjoys sewing) what a baby rag quilt is, and he couldn't understand my explination. Your close up pictures help a lot. I also had to explain to him what a taggie blanket is. He thought I was crazy! "Aren't you supposed to cut the tags off?" he asked. Ha! :o)

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