Sunday, February 21, 2010

Artists have dirty hands...and other reasons to have an indoor picnic!

I had a wonderful artistic weekend all around. On Friday I picked up my oldest grandson for an art journaling date which he loves to do and after a couple of hours we decided to have a true feast of cheese, yogurt, pasta and fruit on a blanket with the paint still on our hands. We drank from fancy glasses and had a wonderful,magical feast. I managed to get my Life Q- Week #8 done on time as well as finishing my Chunky He(art) pages for an Art forty two swap.By the end of the weekend we all had ink on our hands and glitter in our hair and it was absolutely marvelous!!!

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Adriann said...

It looks like a super sweet time with Nana. He will remember these moments for the rest of his life. Great idea!!


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