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20 pounds down!! woo hoo!!!!

Go here for a is list of what the G.I. is in most foods taken from The G.I. Diet Guide:
One of the Internet's most comprehensive lists of foods with their glycemic index. If you are following the GI or South Beach diet you should aim to include more foods with a low glycemic index in your diet. Your body will digest these foods slowly leaving you feeling full for longer and allowing you to eat less calories without feeling hungry. Adding a low GI food to a meal will lower the glycemic index of the whole meal. You can find meals that include low GI foods in our recipe section.

If you prefer the traffic light system used in the low G.I. diet book by Rick Gallop you can find the same data below arranged in red, yellow and green zones on our glycemic index chart.

For help choosing what to buy and eat when out and about you can keep details of GI values with you using one of the cheap pocket guides; such as: The Glycemic Load Counter or The New Glucose Revolution Shopper's Guide to GI Values 2008

Glycemic Index

The number listed next to each food is its glycemic index. This is a value obtained by monitoring a persons blood sugar after eating the food. The value can vary slightly from person to person and from one type or brand of food and another. A noticeable difference is the GI rating of Special-K which produced considerably different results in tests in the US and Australia, most likely resulting from different ingredients in each location. Despite this slight variation the index provide a good guide to which foods you should be eating and which foods to avoid.

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i Really Really want to go here...

Brave Girls Club

I'm a G.I. diet girl and loving it!!

OK...I have tried every diet under the sun, Weight Watchers, The Soup Diet, Atkins, but it's the same story.... you lose it you gain it back. I vowed a few years ago that I wasn't going to go on any other diet plans until I was ready to make a life commitment to changing my eating habits forever. Then my girlfriend told me about the G.I. Diet and wow!!......(that totally sounded an infomercial)

It is so easy, so not different than what I eat.... and there is no measuring and counting involved!.... and it works as I've lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

I recommend that anyone who is struggling with their weight and wants to improve their health give it a try!!! The book I purchased was the G.I. Clinic Diet by Rick Gallop as it gives meal plans and weekly grocery lists!

Go here for more information.

Occasionally I will share recipes and tips that have been working for me so that you all don't have to re-invent the wheel!

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