Monday, May 31, 2010

Travelogues - Sisterhood of the Traveling Journals

Come join along!!!
Imagine having a beautiful mixed media journal that has been created by other artisans and online sister friends that you admire!
You would chose a journal (lightweight for mailing), and an individual topic/theme.
You would then create, in any media desired, the cover, instructions page ( where you might request certain colors, materials etc that you would like used in your journal) and then you would complete a layout in the desired topic/theme before mailing it.
You would then send your journal on to the next person on the list provided to you by the moderator.(me!)
You would wait to receive the next journal in the round robin and so on until all of the journals find their way back home to their original owners.Kind of like a 'sisterhood of traveling journals!'
Go to Your Paper Pantry, register and find Travelogues under the 'Groups' heading.
Some suggested topics for the journals can be found here:


Adriann said...

This sounds like a wonderful idea and something to keep me artistic. I'm on my way!

jasmine bailey-barfuss said...

What a fantastic idea!!

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