Saturday, May 15, 2010

Viva Vintage!!

I am just loving vintage shopping with my daughter. We have found some of the most awesome things!
I found a great picture frame for $2.99, spray painted some screening green and stapled it to the back and hung all of earrings on it on a wall in my bathroom!
My daughter found this amazing dresser for only $1.00 and created a beautiful tableau potting station in her back yard. Love it!!


wannafoodie said...

I love vintage shopping too! I bought this beautiful old wooden chair with a woven wicker insert on the seat... for $5!! So much fun.

Adriann said...

Those are some awesome deals! We never get those type deals out here. Everyone wants to over charge for yardsale stuff. Maybe I need to be more consistent.

Pam said...

Fantastic repurposing; from junky to functional. Great job! Yeah!

concretenprimroses said...

This is a good idea and I like how you did it. However I read "vintage frame turned into earring", lol. I had to check that out.
I like your blog, I'm going to keep looking around.

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