Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I **heart** my Joe!

I got such a sweet surprise from my daughter today. First she gave me four of the cutest spring bowls and then she gave me some new Joe nail polish (Persian Blue!) The other colors shown here are Pineapple(yellow) and Bloom(pink!)
I just love how the Joe color palette changes every season and even though one would think that the colors are too young and funky for someone my age, I think the shades they choose are always so tasteful and classic. Yep, nothing like a cuppa Joe with some Joe and your favorite daughter! Life is good!

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NickelNook said...

Is that the "Joe" as in "Joe Fresh"? Or is it a different Joe I'm not aware of? Those are great colors for spring! I think you can wear any of those bright colors because you have so much great color in your hands. My hands are as white as white can be so some of them don't look so good! Yellow makes me look quite ill! lol The blue is gorgeous! :o)

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