Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm not sure what is up with me lately but I really feel like I'm at a crossroads as far as what direction I want to go with my creativiy. I want so many things but I seem to have lost my mojo! I know that this will pass as it always does but in the meantime if you have any tips to help re fire my mojo, please share!!!


NickelNook said...

I think you've got Spring Fever Monica! Here's my prescription: get plenty of rest and take some extra "me" time! Since the snow is FINALLY melting try to spend more time outside. The birds are coming back and I find them very inspiring. (Much like the beautiful changes you've made to your blog) Take some trips to new scrapbooking stores or craft shops that you don't usually frequent and look at new products. Spend time visiting new blogs and be inspired by the creativity of others. Go to the library and check out some books on a medium you've never tried before. Some of their old books are like the latest trends again! lol It's all such wonderful fun! Your mojo is just needing a little Spring kick in the's been a long winter! Just relax and the inspiration will come!...Nancy :o)

Adriann said...

Nancy's advice is perfect. I would also add...being that you are Queen of all things crafty, learn a new craft. That should get your juices flowing. Hope you are feeling crafty again soon!

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