Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Easy Microwave Cake!!

I found this recipe on a friend's Facebook page and it looks yummy!!! I HAVE to make this with my grandsons!!!
This was made from a boxed Cake Mix. No real measurements. I dumped about 1/3 of box of cake mix in a bowl. Poured in about 1/2 cup of Boxed Egg Beaters (you can use 1 whole egg), and poured just enough milk to make a thick batter. Fold in Chocolate Chips or any mix in that you like :)
Spray inside of mug with Pam/Non Stick Cooking Spray.
Pour in Microwave Safe Mugs half way , and nuke about 1 minute at a time since all microwaves are different. I took about 2 1/2 to 3 minute intervals til the center was pretty much not wet anymore. Microwave cakes will be more dense and spongy, and DON'T Overcook!
Cool for about 5-7 minutes (it will still be warm) top with Cool Whip, Whipped Cream or Ice Cream, and drizzle with fave topping!
Great way to 'portion control' without making a whole cake! Use any flavor cake mix and come up with your own combo!!
Makes for a VERY quick and yummy dessert!
For Single Serving:
*3-4 Heaping TBS of Cake Mix
*1 TBS of Egg Substitute (you don't need to add eggs if you don't have it, it will still rise a little)
*Just enough water to make a thick batter
*any mix-ins to fold like Chocolate Chips.
Microwave til center is done, and add fave topping and enjoy :)

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