Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm knitting this hat.

I'm knitting this hat with White Buffalo wool that was given to me by my son in law's grandmother. I use to knit with this yarn years ago but it's hard to find! White Buffalo Yarn has been discontinued which probably means nothing to you unless you live in Canada. According to the yarnharlot's blog It's unspun and drawn out for knitting, several strands come off the puck at once. It has some oils it in, and it is absolutely water resistant. Historically, it's been used in here in Canada for sweaters that are a knock off of the Cowichan sweaters. Wearing a sweater made of of white buffalo wool is like wearing a furnace! I'll post a pick of my hat when I'm done!

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NickelNook said...

Oh, Monica! Aren't you a lucky girl! I know about this wool because back in the day my Mom and Aunt's used it to make Siwash sweaters. A few of them curled and it was the perfect thing to wear! Some of them were pretty fancy! Of course nobody knows what happened to them but they're all gone now! Can't wait to see the finished hat! :o)

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