Monday, February 27, 2012


Just returned home from a few days in Vegas and while I had a wonderful time,I really HAVE to learn how to pace myself. I am my own worst enemy. Living with a chronic disease like Lupus is often very frustrating especially when someone as stubborn as me,so when I am having a relatively good time, I tend to overdue. I had a really bad flare up on the day we were leaving to come home, but after a few days resting I am feeling back to my old self again!


kim.scrapper said...

What a nice picture of you guys. Glad to hear you had fun but sorry to hear that you had a bit of flare up from over doing yourself.

NickelNook said...

Wonderful photo! Sometimes those of us that live with chronic pain miss out on so much! We learn to live a way in which we manage they pain to the best of our abilities. Every once in a while we just have to let go and live, right? A few days of recovering can be worth all those great long as there's no permanent damage done! At least...that's what I tell myself every once in a while! :o)

Candy Bello said...

My mom has lupis as well and she cannot go out into the sun for very long. I'm sorry you had a flare up!


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