Monday, March 19, 2012

Three year olds!

The older I get the more I just LOVE watching children especially when they are so happy and my little grandson was so happy and excited at his 3d birthday yesterday. The theme was Oilers hockey team and this team picture after their 'hockey game' on the driveway is priceless!!He also has this LOVE for soap and I picked up this bar of soap on my last Vegas shopping trip and he LOVED it! My grandsons are so much fun and I love them all so much.


CraftyLoops said...

Oh my word, how cute is he!! And a very Happy Birthday to the big birthday boy. Lol, its so cute that he loves soap, lol. I suppose there could be worse things he could be coming home with in his pockets. When I was 3 I came home with frogs in my pockets......much to my wee Mamma's fright! lol. Lee x

Christina said...

What a super fun picture of your grandson and his hockey buddies!! For the love of soap!!! haha He'll be the best smellin boy in high school if his 'love' of soap continues and the girls will be chasing him home!

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