Tuesday, May 8, 2012


randomness -  tuesday, may 8, 2012
Today I'm:
listening: to the sound If the grass being raked and the birds singing.
eating: dried apricots and pistashios
drinking: a skinny cappucino
wearing: favorite jeans, white tee and barefeet
feeling: a little tired.took some tylenol arthritis and it made me sleepy
weather: blue skies...it's getting warmer!
wanting: to clean up a bit
needing: more energy!
thinking: about firming up plans for our 40th anniversary party
enjoying: the quiet outside and inside
wondering: how everyone is feeling today

1 comment:

NickelNook said...

Hi Monica! I always enjoy reading peoples currents! It's been gorgeous weather there, hasn't it? We've got the same here! I'm loving the happy birds! Thanks for sharing!...Nancy :o)

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