Friday, April 12, 2013

She- Art Week One

I've been feeling really scattered and anxious lately and finding I needed an outlet to express my inner struggles. I started searching on line for some art journaling 'stuff' and I came across Christy Tomlinson's She-Art Workshop and I just love it. It feels so good to get messy!! This is my first girl of what for sure won't be my last!

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Joanne said...

Monica -- I love your YouTube Channel and watch it all the time!! I grew up in Montana and know about the spring weather you are experiencing. Hope the sun shines soon!

I love your She Art pieces and went to check out Christy Tomlinson's online class -- to my great surprise she is having a half off sale on classes that are older than six months. Here is the link:

I signed up for the first She Art but the second one is on sale too!

Thank you for all your great inspiration!

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