Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Becoming fragile??

As I'm posting this blog entry I'm sitting in the doctor's office waiting for my monthly injection of Kenalog 40. Kenalog 40 is a corticosteroid and has many benefits. For me in particular, it reduces the terrible inflammation and itching of my skin as a result of Lupus. But of late I'm finding that the side effects from the medicine far outweigh the reason that I'm taking it. As one nurse so wisely stated to me during one of my many visits too emergency rooms and medicenters, dealing with the various and sometimes serious ill effects of the above mentioned  Kenalog, "Sometimes these medications can make a person so fragile." Those words have played over and over in my head and I've decided that I do not want to be fragile.
So today I am asking the doc to start the weaning process. As I sit here looking around these familiar walls  for what seems to be the millionth time, I ponder my goal  to try to get off as many meds as I can this year. Wish me luck!....

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Sue~tsnbjj said...

Aw Monica, I certainly do wish you the very best of luck and many, many blessings as you seek to get healthier and wean off so many drugs. Our family suffers with allergies to many drugs and our daughter almost died from a "typical" treatment at the dentist, so we take side effects very serious. Keeping you in my prayers for this and your upcoming surgery. Warm hugs, Sue

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