Saturday, February 8, 2014

Go Sochi Go!

The Winter Olympics are underway and despite all their controversy, the Opening games were beautiful. I know it's understandable that people use world events such as the olympics for their political platforms, but I am always so torn because being the parent of international athletes, I know the blood, sweat and tears that the athletes have put in, with the hopes of everything coming together for that one magical golden moment. My hope is that by letting the Western world into the seemingly forbidden and secret lands of Russia, that we may be able to change their mind
on many issues. In the meantime I hope that the athletes are safe and are not used as pawns in anyone else's agenda and we can all enjoy and be in awe of sport at its best.

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Sue~tsnbjj said...

I agree completely. It breaks my heart for all the competitors that so much stuff gets talked about over all of their accomplishments. If it weren't for all those kids working so hard and competing, there would be no "show"/platform for any of the rest of it. Hugs, Sue

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