Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The morning after...

So I managed to have a pretty good sleep and this morning I thought, OK, get up, clean the house and do what you do. I even found time to do some art journaling and I swear by the time they finally enter my brain next week, I will be so relieved that it's finally happening I won't have time to be nervous!
I looked on Facebook and it was full of supportive comments of people understanding my frustration. The only thing I said in my post was "Lord, give me strength" and my prayer was answered tenfold. Also my dear friend Janet had composed this beautiful poem for me and I'm truly touched. Life is about more than waiting for things to happen to us, its all about the moment we are in right now and right now I am blessed.
On this day when you are feeling blue,  
Here my friend is a verse for you,  
you are strong, beautiful both inside and out,  
you are crazy and wise without a doubt,  
So if you need to sit down and cry,  
It's ok, this day will pass by,  
Your future is filled with sunshine and love,  
Surrounded by family that fits like a glove,  
As you take your seat on this rollercoaster ride,  
Hold tight, close your eyes we are right at your side........ -Janet Cooper


Lynn B. said...

What a nice poem. Janet is a keeper! I'm glad you were able to move through your day.

Sue~tsnbjj said...

Love the poem Monica. Suits you to a "T". Love your art journaling pages. Continued prayers. Hugs, Sue

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