Monday, March 3, 2014

and the Oscar goes to....

I so enjoyed the Oscars this year. Sometimes when you are pouting about something it's a good decision to turn that frown upside down and do something to cheer yourself up, so, I had an Oscar party for me, my mother and my husband. We enjoyed goodies and champagne and tons of laughs.
Ellen Degeneres was absolutely amazing and brought 'real ness' into these awards. My best dressed award however, goes to Lupita Nyong'o. She looked like a beautiful angel and her speech was absolutely graceful.And how about Ellen's twitter shot that was the most retweeted photo in history and has raised millions for charity!

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Sue~tsnbjj said...

Oh my gosh Monica! I couldn't agree more. I really enjoyed it so much this year and I thought exactly the same thing about Lupita. She was so pretty in that gown and her speech was truly the best I have ever heard. Really glad you enjoyed it together with your mom and hubby. Hugs, Sue

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