Friday, January 2, 2015

Life Q's 2015 - Week One - My word to focus on for this year

My word for 2015 is 'Alive'  I plan to focus on living every moment to the fullest. A life free from being guarded, afraid or edited by people or situations. Look out world here I come!

Life Q's 2015 is back - Introduction

Life Q's is back for 2015!

Welcome everyone!
I would like to invite you to join me on a 52 week art journal adventure.I have been doing this since 2007 when I was first inspired by Emily Falconbridge.
Each week I will give you a question for you to answer via my blog, the Life Q's Facebook page and YouTube videos. You are to answer in the form of art journaling.
My wish is that by the end of the year, by answering the Q's, we will all know our selves just that much better. Please play along and share your creations by posting a picture on Facebook or YouTube  and/or by leaving your thoughts in the comments section.

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