Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dementia Sucks

So I thought I was going to be posting a wonderful story about our stitch group and all of the lovely conversations we had last evening but then I received a call from my mother's residence that she was missing. She had gone for a walk around 7:45 PM and it was now 9:40 PM and she was no where to be found.
Some of the ladies that were just leaving our fun evening and some family members started a search party and my husband and I headed to the police station to fill out a missing persons report.
We searched high and low for over two hours. The hospitals, the parks, residential streets and it was starting to get very stressful and frightening.
          Close to midnight I received a call from my sister who lives in the in Seattle saying that a lovely woman had called and said that our mom was with her at a service station. She had walked over 5 kilometres at 89 years old! We drove to pick her up hugged and cried.
 She was fine but also so so confused and happy to see us. We thanked the woman profusely and took her back to her residence.
She normally wears a GPS bracelet but the battery had gone dead.
We were all so relieved that she was found safe and sound. The only blessing is that she will not remember being afraid, lost and alone in the dark.
 Please give extra love to those who have a family member suffering from this terrible disease. They need your love and support and we were so blessed to have that last night.

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