Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I Hit The Jackpot!

My daughter called me yesterday and said mom, 
drop whatever you are doing and head over to our local Chapters book store in St. Albert.They are have an amazing 75% off sale!
Well I literally grabbed my husband and we flew over, doing the speed limit of course, because I knew that the gift items and books at Chapters are top quality and I was not disappointed.
The store is planning renovations at the St. Albert  location only and they have reduced some of the nicest items I have ever seen. I purchased a few things last night and then I came home, sat down and organized a Christmas present list.
I picked up my friend this morning and we headed back to Chapters where I stocked up on most of my holiday gifts! I have NEVER been ready this early in the year!
Apparently the sale is on until everything is gone so if you are in the area be sure to head over!

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