Sunday, May 27, 2018

Planning a Pet Memorial for Children

Ritual is a very important part of our lives and cultures and I believe that when we lose a pet that it is an opportunity to model for  children that it is OK to be sad and it's important to say goodbye. All of my grandchildren grew up with sweet Percy at their side and they were very sad at his passing. Some expressed it openly and others kept their feelings inside.
My husband and I decided to make a memorial garden for Percy. We did not take any of his remains from the vet so this process was just in his memory.
First the boys painted slate garden stones and while they were painting they talked about their most fun memory of Percy and how sad they were when he died.
Once the garden stones were placed, we planted some bedding plants and then added some additional decorations to our garden including a solar operated butterfly, some cute garden gnomes , a wind chime hung in a nearby tree and glow in the dark pebbles all purchased at the Dollar Store. The best thing I found though was an angel with a puppy in her arms. Just the perfect addition to our space. We adorned the space with incense and blew bubbles all around. We ended this perfect 'ceremony' with ice cream bars and it was the perfect farewell to our sweet puppy.

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