Sunday, June 3, 2018


We just got two new Hemnes yesterday and if you aren't fluent in Ikea speak that means end tables from their store to match the rest of our bedroom furniture. Our bedroom was so cluttered, especially our bed side tables. If you are anything like me, if I am the least bit stressed out or unwell, I find that my living space must be clutter free before I can rest and relax.
 I cleaned out three closets today and the bathroom counters while my husband was building our Hemnes!
Studies show that the more clutter your eyes can see, the more easily it is to be distracted and therefore impossible to relax. Read all about it here
I have always wanted a grown up bedroom without things all over the place and tonight when I came to bed and looked around my room I finally have my wish. It
looked like a hotel suite.
Now I can comfortably take a deep breath. Pause and exhale in my clean clutter free space.

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